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While at school Asad Qureshi dreamt of working in the film industry, a chance meeting with Oscar winning director John Schlesinger helped him realise that dream. His first job was as Production Runner on the Warren Beatty film Reds.


From that moment he set himself a deadline, he had to direct his first film before the age of 35. He did, with two weeks to spare. 
‘The Bounty Hunter,’ was a groundbreaking documentary that planted the seeds outlawing forced marriages in the United Kingdom. The storyline of the documentary was the subject of two feature films and a television series. 


At a very young age his father told him to watch BBC’s current affairs programme Panorama, as it would be good for him. Who would think many years later Asad would direct a Panorama for the BBC, The Battle of Swat Valley.


Defusing Human Bombs is a film where psychology and religion are used to undo years of Taliban indoctrination in the hearts and minds of boys training to become suicide bombers.


Disaster struck Pakistan in 2005 when an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale shook Pakistan. In The Wake of Earthquake is a film that follows the Pakistan Army rescue and relief efforts.


Asad has always said, ‘He’s been lucky some good projects just fell into his lap.’ Taking full advantage of these projects he made some daring films.