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Disney’s Lightyear is Beyond Good

OMG Lightyear is a fantastic movie. Lightyear opens up by skipping over expectations. Whatever you think the plot or narrative might be about is teased but tossed out early in the movie. A lot of movies try this approach but few do as good a job at the execution as Lightyear. This movie is a film about the history of the famous space ranger toy Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise. Buzz is a “real” person and he’s trying to save his crew after an accident leaves them stranded in space. Pixar movies seem like they follow a formula of introducing plot and character motivations before they even show the title. We learn a lot about Buzz in the opening moments of the film. We learn about his character, his friendships, his goals, and more. This opening shows us how Buzz feels guilty that his crew is stranded and his dedication to getting them home.

This movie has some incredibly funny writing. This is your only warning because some of the most hilarious moments are the spontaneous jokes the movie delivers. Lightyear will more than likely have you laughing out loud at the movies so this isn’t for the meek. Keep an eye out for SOX because things really pick up comedically after they introduce his character. I won’t judge if you laugh so hard that you cry real tears because I’m guilty of that too. Lightyear, and most Pixar movies, have a way of luring you into a false sense of comfort and then doing something really funny or will introduce a plot twist that completely changes your expectations for the movie. Lightyear is exciting because I have no idea what will happen next. There’s a point where I noticed myself fully immersed and just enjoying the whole experience.